Stage 2.2 Recovery

19 June - The ACT's Public Health Directions have been re-made. 'Dance activities' are covered because of the definition in Part 3 cl 26.


***IMPORTANT things in the Directions, to note if you are a provider of dance activities in the ACT in an indoor space or spaces -

  • by 12 noon Friday 26 June 2020 you need to have a Covid-19 Safety Plan that is followed and that can be produced when requested to do so by an authorised person under the Public Health Act 1997 (ACT)

  • you can have up to 100 people in total in an indoor space, all distanced at no less than 1 person per 4 square metres

  • the activity can involve 'low or non-contact training or competition' or 'full contact training'.

For what is needed by the ACT Government for a 'COVID-19 Safety Plan' - see cl18 of the Directions and to find the 'published guidance material endorsed by the Chief Health Officer' referred to in the Directions go here (current as at 19 June).


14 June - Here is a link to ACT Government FAQs re Arts and Cultural Activities in the ACT starting at midday on Friday 19 June 2020.  See the changes for Theatres and for dance classes. You must keep to 4 square metres per person. You need to have a Covid19 Safety Plan.

For more from the ACT Government about the Recovery Plan, go here


There are some very useful materials from Access Canberra, including -


If you have questions - contact Ausdance ACT by messenger or email 


The ACT Government also has WH&S and other guidance for all businesses.

This helpful Sports ACT factsheet covers dance (e.g., classes, rehearsals) in an enclosed space in Stage 2.2 (scroll to 3rd page) and explains 'enclosed space' (called 'indoor space' in the Directions).

RAD has published Guidelines which link to the Commonwealth's covid-safe plan PDF, but also specifically cover dance class management and work practices. Ausdance has produced these national Principles and Framework.

*** Ausdance national and RAD materials need to be read with ACT Stages and Directions (see links above)***




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