The Ausdance ACT Covid-19 Small Grants Fund is open for applications. Ausdance ACT is able to offer this opportunity because of support from the ACT Government through artsACT and because we have re-focused, for Covid times, funding for dance artists' development and engagement.

There is no deadline date for applications but note that the Fund is limited. In mid-November Ausdance ACT will review the amount in the Fund taking into account grants made, Ausdance ACT’s business plan 2020-21 and the public health and economic circumstances prevailing in the ACT at that time and likely to prevail into 2021.

The Fund has been established to provide modest but useful one-off financial assistance to local dancers experiencing negative impacts on their dance activities as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Examples of Covid-19 negative impacts are – personal or family income reduced due to the Covid-19 economic situation, resulting in aspects of needed dance activities being unaffordable to a dancer; personal income earning opportunities removed due to Covid-19 public health restrictions, resulting in a significant drop in a dancer's anticipated income for 2020.  An applicant may be experiencing more than one negative impact.

Please make applications using this form and send the completed form to

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