Majura Primary School

Our Purpose

"Our school is here to ensure we all learn so that we are prepared for our future."

 Majura Primary aims to provide a caring environment where students enjoy learning, develop skills, make friends and establish social connections with their community.

Our Vision; Our school delivers strong academic achievement, in an environment where teaching and learning is supported through having:

·      A skilled and inspired staff

·      Strong community involvement

·      A quality physical environment

·      Integrated and effective information technology


Ainslie School


Ainslie School is a preschool to year 6 school established in 1927. The school's buildings were upgraded in 2007 and are on the ACT and Australian heritage registers. Two off site preschools, each with a strong arts and sustainability focus, are also part of the school. The preschools operate in newly renovated buildings with established gardens and outdoor play areas. Both Reid Preschool (Dirrawan Gardens site) and Ainslie Preschool (Baker Gardens site) have been assessed and rated using ACECQA's National Quality Standard during 2013. Each site is currently rated as 'Exceeding the National Quality Standard'. As an inner city school, our student population is rich and diverse. Over 25 percent of our students come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Our teachers design and lead inclusive classrooms where children are challenged academically, cared for in a positive and supportive manner and are encouraged to participate actively in the many rich and diverse opportunities available.


Namadgi School


Our vision for Namadgi School is that:

  • The school is a safe, happy and welcoming place

  • The school is a community hub, promoting positive relationships and providing a sense of belonging through our enthusiasm, excellent communication, collaboration, kindness and support of one another

  • The school is known for its innovative curriculum, pedagogy and use of technology

  • Learning at this school is exciting, positive and challenging; our learning environments foster passion for learning

  • We have high expectations of all staff and all students and we celebrate their achievements

  • The physical environment is inspiring, stimulating and environmentally friendly

  • We have fun, play and achieve

  • We value involvement and contributions from the community either through the School Board, P&C or collaboration and expertise on school projects