We are all feeling the impact of Covid19in our lives. We want to make sure we are giving the Canberra dance community as much support as possible. You can help us do this by filling out the Ausdance Network COVID19 DANCE survey here.

Ausdance ACT COVID19 Safety Requirements


Ausdance ACT's office is at Gorman Arts Centre (AGAC) and they have put together a COVID19 safety plan which you can view here.

Ausdance ACT makes sure that staff practise good hand hygiene, only come to the office if feeling well and we  keep social distancing of 1.5m - so we also advise you to do the same when you visit us. We provide hand sanitiser and tissues!


Ausdance ACT's employment and engagement Policy – Covid19 – May 2020

Ausdance ACT is a relatively small organisation which has, in normal times, a core staffing of 3 part time employees, complemented by others engaged in very specific roles or for programs and projects and others providing support on a casual or volunteer basis.

Ausdance ACT is committed to employing and engaging locally based dance professionals, including professional dance teachers, whenever this is appropriate and results in the best person available for a role at the remuneration to be paid. Sometimes the best person available for a short-term engagement or specific role may also be a Board member or employee. 

Ausdance ACT is committed to following Conflict of Interest law and process.

May 2020 - Covid19 circumstances – Ausdance ACT’s core staffing plans for 2020-21 were interrupted severely by the introduction of Covid19 public health measures which, in turn, caused a very different focus and workload. The disease and very necessary government responses to it have been as disruptive and distracting for Ausdance ACT as they have been for every arts organisation and artist.

Nevertheless we at Ausdance ACT have provided core office and other support with part time paid team members and volunteers - and so we have been able to continue and adapt 2 artsACT-funded programs (Escalate and Dance Week), engaging dance (and other) artists, established and emerging.

Following governments’ announcements on 8 May of a gradual 3-step loosening of controls of gatherings and groups,  the Board has been reviewing timing of other programs and of recruitment.


Any questions – please contact us on


March 2020....

​​​​​Like everyone else - Ausdance ACT has been directly affected by Covid19.

Our offices in Gorman Arts Centre are closed. Thank you to Ainslie+Gorman Arts Centres for keeping up with government Covid19 physical distancing and other protective arrangements.

We are working from home and using technology to see each other. We're pleased to have 'zoom' and other platforms for meetings!

Please contact us via email - - or message us via FB. We would like to hear from you and we're offering support and help when we can.

Ausdance ACT has also been busy with the impacts of Covid19 on you - dancers, dance businesses, dance companies and organisations. An early issue was - how do we interpret government statements about spacing and about schools and how they apply to outside-schools dance? People had a range of ideas and different approaches.  By now you will all know that Ausdance National has recommended that studios and other dance teaching organisations close. We posted that recently on our Ausdance ACT Fb page. And the government messages about staying home are everywhere!

In the last couple of weeks we became members of the revived Canberra Arts Action Group, which meets by 'zoom' regularly (so far, once a week) and their Government sub-group, whose members are keeping each other up to date on the fast changes occurring. We have told the Group that Ausdance ACT saw 3 main issues from Covid19: how our organisation should respond; impacts on the commercial/private sector (many small-medium businesses, sole 'traders') and not-for profit/grants dance sector orgs and independents, who are also likely to be sole traders; and how dance artists overall would respond and cope.

Dance is a relatively large arts sector in the ACT, involving a range of professionals and others: professional dancers, professional dance companies, independent dance artists, studios and their teachers and students, a youth dance company, dance in arts centres, teachers of dance schools and colleges and their students.

In this Covid19 event, the dance sector has a lot in common with many practitioners across art forms, performing arts and other. There is much to share and to learn about!

We've been impressed with the incredible initiatives that many have taken to stay alive professionally and to use the weird period we are in to develop new things.

We'll continue to keep an eye on that and we'll provide links on our website or Fb pages when we can.

A group of Canberra based professional contemporary dancers working in organisations or independently, got together to share experiences and ideas. 

And, of course, there have been significant impacts on Ausdance ACT's own plans for programs for 2020.  Our Escalate program is now happening by distance, using the amazing technology that enables that. Other programs are being re-thought. We see it as a creative learning and development opportunity for all.

Keep an eye out for plans for Australian Dance Week 2020!

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People are concerned about their incomes, their bills, their arts practices, their futures. It's a hard period for many.


If you have not yet completed the Covid19 impact survey please do :-).

Please also see this note from Ausdance National on 25 March 2020.

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