1 September 2020:

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications has published a new program to support the arts and entertainment sectors. Our understanding is that you can still apply even if you have received funding from the Australian Council.

Click here for more info.

Covid 19 Commonwealth Government - JobKeeper and JobSeeker after the end of September 2020

10 August 2020:

The Commonwealth Government has published a Fact Sheet about the extension of the JobKeeper payments.

21 July 2020:

JobKeeper - extended till end March 2021, but with changes

In October, November and December 2020

  • The current $1500 per fortnight will be reduced, with payments different depending on number of hours worked -

    • 1st Level = $1200 a fortnight if working for 20 or more hours each week.

    • 2nd Level = $750 a fortnight if working less than 20 hours a week (person also becomes eligible for JobSeeker)

In January, February and March 2021

  • Payments per fortnight reduced again –

    • 1st level = $1000 a fortnight

    • 2nd level = $650 a fortnight (person also eligible for JobSeeker).

Small-medium businesses will need to reapply for JobKeeper at the end of September and again in January proving their turnover is still down more than 30pc. The turnover benchmark for ACNC registered charities remains at 15%.

More here, for individuals, at the Commonwealth Government Site – How Changes to Job Keeper payment may affect you.  There is Commonwealth Government information about reassessment of eligibility at the end of September 2020 and at the start of January 2021, at this business.gov.au site here.

JobSeeker COVID Supplement - extended till end December 2020, but with changes

There is more information here (Commonwealth Government site) about the changes including information about how much a person can earn without losing any of the benefit and about means testing and partner income testing.

Some examples of how Job Seeker currently is applied to different circumstances of workers are provided at the Commonwealth Arts website.


COVID 19 - artsACT - SUPPORT  for ARTS and arts businesses as at 9 July 2020

Here is a link to artsACT's web page about what the ACT Government is doing to support the Canberra arts sector through Covid-19, which has had a huge impact on artists and arts businesses.

The ACT Government responded quickly by providing Homefront grants to Canberra based artists.

If you are a current funding recipient and COVID-19 has impacted your project, artsACT has provided - at their website -  a flow chart and a table to help you determine what you should do next. Recommended reading!

Organisations, such as Ausdance ACT and our home base Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centres, have recently been supported with additional funds to enable us to employ staff and keep functioning despite significant drops in budgeted annual earned income for 2020 and increased and changed workloads due to Covid-19 impacts.

So - please read the material at the artsACT site and also at the ACT Government support for businesses site.  And there is also the FAQ site about Entertainment and Live Performance, arts and cultural activities,including dance :-).


COVID 19 – SUPPORT as at 25 May 2020

There is support for businesses and you can access the information here.

We also advise you to subscribe to the ACT Government's Industry Updates to receive the latest information.

The Jobs for Canberrans fund was launched by the ACT Government last month to provide work opportunities for Canberrans who have been severely impacted by COVID 19. Additional jobs have been added including administration, cleaning and maintenance. For more details, visit covid19.act.gov.au/jobsforcanberrans.


City Renewal Grants have now opened and has $250,000 in funding to support the local industry, creatives and businesses to contribute to the cultural development of the Canberra. They're looking for creative and flexible ideas that could help Canberra get back on its feet during the recovery after COVID 19. To find out more, visit https://www.act.gov.au/cityrenewal/get-involved/grants/city-grants. Applications close 3pm, Tuesday 30 June.


COVID 19 – SUPPORT as at 9 April 2020

There is Financial and arts-specific Professional support available.

artsACT has provided this handy summary of support available as at 6 April, and they note that support is still developing.


The ACT Government announced their first support package for the community on 20 March, and here is a link -

The Chief Minister announced further ACT Government assistance on 2 April 2020

The Australian Government is providing JobKeeper and JobSeeker to address the economic challenges of individuals and businesses as a result of Covid19.

Below are government sites with important information about how to keep you, your family, your business, your dance practice financially afloat while the health challenge is being dealt with –

***RECOMMENDATION – don’t assume that JobKeeper or JobSeeker will not apply to you just because –

  • you have never sought any kind of government benefit before - or

  • you have not actually been ‘sacked’ but, rather, have lost bookings and gigs because they have simply dried up and you have no income.  Check out the material at the links above!***

On 5 April the Treasurer announced that the Australian Government will allow registered charities to qualify for JobKeeper subsidies for their payments to their staff if they have suffered a 15% drop in turnover compared with  2019 (for non-charities it must be a 30% drop).

​If you have questions about JobKeeper coverage, please email Ausdance National on info@ausdance.org.au and ed@ausdance.org.au as they have been in discussion with Treasury officials and know that there is a request for info about how JobKeeper works for various parts of the community (in this case,of course, DANCE!). For an idea of the limits of JobKeeper coverage, see this MEAA alert re gaps in JobKeeper.

As at 9 April, national arts bodies were continuing to ask for an arts sector specific economic assistance pacakage, saying that the announcement that day of $27million for arts was welcome but did not address all the needs of the sector.



The ACT Government Economic Survival package (Stage 1) announced on 20 March includes a grant program focused on artists, called HOMEFRONT.

-> PLEASE consider applying to artsACT for a HOMEFRONT grant to support your dance practice!

"Increased grants for our arts community

Artists may be eligible to receive funding of up to $10,000 to support arts development and the sustainability of arts practice over the next six to nine months through a $500,000 grants program.

This may include the development of works to be exhibited or performed into the future, research and development, making new works or sharing of works through online platforms.

Grant applications will open on 30 March 2020 and will close on 17 April at 5pm.Announcements on successful recipients will be made approximately 1 May 2020.

More information on the grants program is available on the artsACT website at: www.arts.act.gov.au/funding/homefront"

On 25 March the Australia Council announced a Response Package - https://www.australiacouncil.gov.au/about/covid-19/. Look around the Australia Council Covid19 sites. They are informative.  This Fb site about digital support looks interesting: https://www.facebook.com/groups/669197597161146/?source_id=98717745271.

On 31 March the Australia Council announced its Resilience Fund and re-opened Arts and Disability Mentorships.

Look out for further announcements by the ACT Government and the Australian Government.

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