Want to dance? Want to create dance? Want to explore different movement styles? Then you should apply to ESCALATE! Application are open and we encourage you to apply - please feel free to contact us and ask any questions.

ESCALATE is an exciting new mentoring program for ACT based dance artists between the ages 16 - 26 years. We encourage applications from ALL STYLES of dance. We want to see ballet, Indigenous, hip hop, contemporary, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Ballroom and Circus… ESCALATE provides the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals to develop and stage your own work in a season produced by Ausdance ACT.

We want to see you dance, soar and explore new territories. We will support and guide you through a rehearsal and creation process, bringing you to the theatre with a fully formed work. We will provide the technical and marketing support you need.

Escalate is a career pathways mentoring program for budding dance artists between the ages of 16-26. The program takes them through the entire process of creating a dance piece and preparing it for live performance.


The ESCALATE artists will be individually guided by industry professionals through a full process of creation from their initial concept to a 5-8 minute work. These works will then be presented in an exclusive 3 show performance season.

  • Free 4 day mentoring program, 21-24 January 2020

  • Ongoing mentoring sessions held on weekends at Gorman Arts Centre, Braddon

  • Three show performance season at the Ralph Wilson Theatre in early May 2020 - for the opening of Dance Week!

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