The dance community of the ACT and district has lots of opportunities for dance participation in classes and performances. Many studios and organisations have kept class opportunities going through this period of physical distancing. Classes and performances are opportunities for students (of almost any age), educators (schools, colleges, studios, organisation), creators, producers, performers, entrepreneurs, companies, audiences. 

In 2011 Ausdance ACT did a survey of who was teaching dance and where in the ACT and nearby areas ('Dance and Spaces used for Dance'). Back then Ausdance ACT found: '99 studios, social groups and dance clubs conducting public classes for fee-paying students in the ACT, with a further 18 studios within an hour’s drive of the ACT border'. We know that, by March 2020, those number will have increased, with dance studios offering a very wide range of dance classes, taught by some very gifted, highly qualifies and experienced dance teachers. A 'To Do' now that Canberra is in 'Covid recovery' will be to update that 2011 survey.

Dance is part of the ACT education curriculum and many participate in Ausdance ACT's Youth Dance Festival as well as Education ACT's Step into the Limelight and other performance opportunities.

Three ACT arts Centres - Gorman, Belconnen and Tuggeranong - together are homes to Ausdance ACT, QL2 Dance, Australian Dance Party, Dance for Wellbeing and Fresh Funk.

Canberra Dance Theatre - home of a number of classes and performing groups, including the GOLDs, is a hub of community dance.

Canberra based independent dancers also work internationally and nationally. Here are two examples - Liz Lea's independent company, Liz Lea Dance, has thrilled audiences with her work Red in Australia and in the UK and is working on a new work about Canberra for performance in 2021 in the new space at Belconnen Arts Centre. 

Debora Di Centa specialises in Laban Movement Analysis (Choreological Studies) with a specific focus on the benefits of human movement and embodied practices for health and wellbeing. She works as a teacher and mentor of dance for wellbeing, while continuing to work as a performing artist and dance-art researcher

The list goes on ..! Ausdance ACT will be connecting with, featuring, showcasing the known and unknown (to be known!) participants in this rich and diverse dance landscape, here in our website.

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