Australian Dance Party opens their new show this week - From the Vault. It looks to be a stunning show with a complete shift on our values, the space and the way we see movement! 

Venture into a secret warehouse, once an old storage bunker for valuable goods, to see Australian Dance Party's new work: "From the vault".

Unlock our values; what matters to you and I today, and what we keep safe. 

Freedom, truth, money, safety and connection are laid bare in a concrete vault. 

Music by Alex Voorhoeve Canberra Symphony Orchestra, Cello) and Andy McMillan (electronic music producer, Doppel)

Directed by Party Leader Alison Plevey and created with Party members Alana StenningOlivia FyfeRyan StoneStephen Gow and Eliza Sanders

Sep 20; 7.30pm
Sep 21; 7.30 pm
Sep 22; 6.00pm