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In 2020 we launched AUSTRALIAN DANCE WEEK  ON LINE. We are delighted and grateful that ACT's Minister for the Arts, Gordon Ramsay MLA, spoke at the launch, by this video -

How the Canberra Dance Community Got Involved

On 2 May we posted the video for Covid-eo Community Dance Project online with dance instructions and our invitation for you to learn it. We also asked you to video yourself doing the dance and send your video to Ausdance ACT by noon Friday 8 May for compiling and production of the collaborative dance performance by everyone involved. The video was published online on 11 May. We hope that, in all future years, Dance Week can be held in real space and that this Dance Week 2020 dance video is a record of a once-in-a-lifetime Covid19 online choreographed community dance project.

Click the link above for a great story by arts editor Helen Musa, and links to 2 dance videos released on 29 April to celebrate dance and dancers in this strange Covid19 time of dance only at a distance, linked by technology.

International Dance Day Message from Gregory Vuyani Maqoma

“As we dance with our bodies, tumbling in space and tangling together, we become a force of movement weaving hearts, touching souls and providing healing that is so desperately needed. And purpose becomes a single hydra-headed, invincible and indivisible dance. All we need now is to dance some more!”

Read more here:


AUSDANCE ACT sees DANCE WEEK 2020 as just THE START of MORE ABOUT DANCE IN THE ACT, ONLINE, as restrictions on 'gathering' continue for awhile, as we transition. In the meantime, here are some photos of Dance Week launches in recent years, in actual spaces: great memories and inspiration!

Dance Week 2020 Covid-eo Community Dance Project

The Covid-eo that our Canberra dance community has created together looks absolutely fabulous. It is amazing to see everyone dancing and moving and we love all your interpretations of the choreography! Many thanks to you all for participating and making this Dance Week 2020 a very memorable one. Despite the strange times we are living in, it was beautiful to see everyone moving, smiling and enjoying themselves! Keep dancing and let's hope we can dance together non-virtually very soon.

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