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Reconciliation Week 2020  

In This Together

Ausdance ACT acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land this project was created on, Ngunnawal land, and all First Nations Elders past, present, and emerging. We also acknowledge all First Nations Elders and lands you are viewing from.

The theme of Reconciliation Week 2020 "In This Together" was significantly highlighted by Covid-19 shutdowns. How can we be in this together? How do we come together when we are apart?


A discussion in spoken word and movement on Reconciliation Week was facilitated by Emma Laverty with children from Ngunnawal Primary School after they were allowed to open again. The thoughts and ideas of these children from preschool up to year two were completely beautiful. We thank Ngunnawal Primary School and teacher Erin Salleo for allowing us to share this experience.    

The following Acknowledgement of Country was written by Ngunnawal Primary School.

Yamalundi land, Yamalundi sky, Yamalundi me, Yamalundi friends.
We live on Ngunnawal land, we play on Ngunnawal land, we learn on Ngunnawal land.
Thank you Ngunnawal People, we will help to look after your land so everyone can enjoy it now and in the future. This land is special to us.



Help everyone.

We could use everybody's ideas and build it up so we can have one idea but out of everybody's ideas.

It's when someone, well, everyone is caring to each other and we say thank you.

I think Reconciliation Week means all the nation coming together.

I think it means you thank the people for letting us on this land.

Sharing stuff.

Using kind words to everyone so they don't get hurt.

That we can all be happy and learn, like, no more wars and stuff.

Adults should listen to kids too.

It means helping, it means building stuff together and making friends.

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