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After 3 years, Youth Dance Festival is back live on stage over two nights at Canberra Theatre Centre!

With a theme of ‘Transience and Permanence’, Ausdance ACT presents an exciting mix of live performance and dance film made by secondary schools from all over Canberra and regions.

Ausdance ACT Director Dr Cathy Adamek wants this year’s festival to create reflective and emotional ties to the tumultuous and unpredictable world around us. The 2022 theme allows students to use the unique Youth Dance Festival platform as a form of
self-expression. Transience and permanence evokes both the freedom to travel and move about but also the stability of home and place.

Youth Dance Festival is a remarkable Canberra success story. A long-term feature on the Canberra arts and education calendar since 1985 ‘Dance Fest’ boasts a second generation of participants, a proud alumnus of over 45,000 plus students and a strong legacy.

Ausdance ACT ensures that every school has the support and resources needed to bring to life the diverse work that makes up Youth Dance Festival. The creative process involves professional dance artists visiting participating schools to provide support and guidance to students in the development of their own work.

Youth Dance Festival encourages a student led approach to dance making, choreography, theatre and film making and provides a shared artistic experience. For some, it may be the very first time they step on a theatre stage and this magic moment could set the path for a future career in the arts. For others, it will become a cherished memory and a valuable experience.

We encourage you to support the hard work and dedication of Canberra region students and witness their
co-creative ability.

Check which night your school is performing HERE!

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Teacher 2022 Production Information

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