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Photo Credit: Lorna Sim, Dancer Credit: Nicholas Jachno


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Music Licensing with OneMusic Australia


Learn the best way to license music with our webinar in partnership with OneMusic Australia.


This webinar is offered FREE to Ausdance ACT members. Not a member, sign up HERE


We will discuss the use of music in your studios, demystify music licensing, and we'll also touch on the value of music and how it can impact your business. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions that you've got in relation to music licensing.


Topics we will cover:


- The history and purpose of OneMusic and examples of musical and artistic works and who owns them

- How a license is measured and how it is administered

- Music licensing on social media and streamed music

- Real life examples of dance school licenses


The webinar will be hosted by OneMusic's Licensing Manager Linda Hale and Ausdance ACT Director Dr Cathy Adamek.


Join us and get your music licensing questions answered!

Wednesday 24th May 11.30am - Zoom Webinar


Compagnie József Trefeli Hungarian Folk Dance Workshop and JINX 103

Jozsef Workshop Fully Booked Mailchimp A4.jpg

Photo Gregory Batardon

Compagnie József Trefeli provided a workshop for all ages to participate and discover together the music and movement from different regions ranging from slow basic steps to virtuoso high energy dances.

Following the workshop, participants were treated to a free performance of JINX 103 performed in Australia for the first time by József Trefeli and Gyula Cserepes. József Trefeli and Gábor Varga create a dance performance for any space, exploring together the rhythms and rituals of life in a high energy, captivating performance.

Bharatanatyam Dance Workshop with Vaidehi Subramanyan

Bharatanatyam Dance Workshop A4.jpg

Photo Amardeep Shergill

This workshop was presented during Ausdance ACT's 2023 Australian Dance Week and took participants through the basic postures and movements of Bharatanatyam and then introduced participants to some hand gestures used in Bharatanatyam. Participants were shown how these hand gestures, along with the basic movements, can be used to tell a short story from Hindu mythology.

Bharatanatyam is a classical dance form originating in Tamil Nadu, South India. It was originally danced in the temples of the region and was known as sadir. The art consists of pure dance focussed on rhythm and grace (nritta), storytelling (nritya) and acting (nātya). The dance has traditionally explored themes from Hindu scriptures, mythology and folklore, often by relating the divine with the everyday. Bharatanatyam is used to explore philosophical and spiritual themes, but also our everyday human relationships.

Vaidehi Subramanyan is a Canberra-based Bharatanatyam dancer, performer and teacher, currently an in house resident artist at Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centres. She was inspired to dance by her late grandmother, Smt Thangamani Nāgarājan, a Bharatanatyam dancer who completed her training and taught at the renowned University of Art, Kalākshetra. Most recently, Vaidehi has learnt from Guru K.P Yesodha, under the guidance of Vaidehi’s grandmother’s friend Srimati Ambika Buch, both graduates of Kalākshetra.

Ausdance ACT's 2023 Workshop Series is presented in partnership with Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centres.

Dance in Nature Workshops

2022Spring is Coming3 (Fufu and Olivia).png
Ku and Dancers.jpg

Mirramu Dance Company welcomed Dancecology and Ku & Dancers for a two-week professional dance in nature residency from 14 to 26 March 2023.


During their visit, Ausdance ACT partnered with Mirramu Dance Company to provide a rare opportunity for local dancers to learn from these leading international dance artists from Taiwan.

On the 17th of March and the 19th of March, there were free performances by Dancecology and Ku & Dancers and an opportunity to meet the artists. There was also a presentation of Elizabeth Cameron Dalman's upcoming book 'Nature Moves'.


Both workshops will include a Dance in Nature/Dance Ecology session led by Grace Peng & Elizabeth Cameron Dalman and a Contact Improvisation session led by Ming-shen Ku.


Ausdance ACT's 2023 Workshop Series is presented in partnership with Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres.

Ausdance ACT Workshop with Sydney Dance Company's Charmene Yap

unnamed 2.jpeg

Ausdance ACT in partnership with Ainslie+Gorman Arts Centres was delighted to present: A special workshop opportunity for local dancers with Sydney Dance Company's Charmene Yap.


This workshop guided participants through a warm-up and contemporary technique exercises before exploring some of the choreographic tasks the company dancers utilised when creating the works that were included in the Ascent triple bill.


Building on the understanding of the choreographic process, participants then had the opportunity to learn some Sydney Dance Company repertoire.

Charmene Yap SDC

Charmene is a multi-award-winning dancer, rehearsal director and choreographer. She is a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and Purchase College New York, and in her early career, was a recipient of an Australian Council Skills and Development Grant and nominee of the prestigious Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative Award.

Prior to her decade of performing for Sydney Dance Company, Charmene danced for companies Chunky Move, Tasdance, Dancenorth, Lucy Guerin Inc., Armitage Gone! Dance Company and worked with numerous choreographers including Tanja Liedtke, Antony Hamilton, and Sue Healey.

Online Insurance Webinar


As part of our Workshop Series in 2023 we hosted an Online Dance Insurance Webinar on Wednesday 22nd February at 11.30am.

Gail McGeachy, General Manager of DanceSurance answered the many questions that our dance sector had, from independent artists, companies, dance teachers, dance studio owners, and more.

A Zoom recording of this session is available free of charge to Ausdance ACT Members. Request a copy email

Dance & Theatre Creation Workshop with House of Sand

House of Sand A4 V1.jpg

The House of Sand Workshop was inspiring and refreshing! The perfect intensive for performance practice and creative processes led very talented and entertaining artists.

The morning session with Eliza was greatly inspired by discovering our personal approach to movement improvisation and how to develop our unique movement vocabulary through our senses and perception. Special focus was then given to a section choreography from the company's new show ‘That was Friday’. A beautiful expansive movement phrase expressing the moment of liberation and release of a character’s held tension and insecurity.

Charley Sanders and Ketura Budd (You Are Here) took us into an immersive afternoon, sharing their particular approach on how they make theatre and the importance of ethics along each production. We explored some theatre tasks, discussed ideas on how to practice and approach the creation of a short script and how to play with it and seeing it reinterpreted by others. The day just flew!

Bangarra Dance Theatre Masterclass


Photo Daniel Boud

We were thrilled to host Bangarra Dance Theatre for a masterclass for local dancers.

Bangarra is committed to engaging with the community beyond their performance season and we are so grateful for the generosity of company members, Ryan Pearson, Kallum Goolagong and Maddison Paluch who we worked with today.

A big congratulations to the participating dancers from Dance Development Centre, Canberra Girls Grammar School, Passion & Purpose, Alfred Deakin High School, Calwell High School, St Mary MacKillop College Canberra, The Training Ground, Dance Northside, Kim Harvey School of Dance, Dream Danz Studios and Acclaim Adcc who brought an incredible energy and enthusiasm with them.

We thank Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres who are our Workshop Series Program partner.

Site-Specific Solo Composition Dance in Nature Workshop

Debora Di Centa and Helena Maria da Costa's Site-specific Solo Composition Dance in Nature Workshop was our last offering during Australian Dance Week and a fabulous way to wrap up celebrations.

On a perfect autumn day in Justice Robert Hope Park participants gathered to experience, explore and express ideas, emotions and sensations completely inspired by nature and the surroundings.

We entered the park with a silent walk, then explored how to move in relation to trees and the grass, air and sky. Maintaining a sense of wonder and complete openness, we developed short solo compositions and shared and explained our intentions through the short dance works to others. It was profound and beautiful and we all felt happy, energised and with some more ideas to work on in our personal practice.

Chinese Tiger & Lion Dance Workshop

Photo Credit: Cathy Adamek

During Australian Dance Week, Ausdance ACT held the Chinese Tiger and Lion workshop at Gorman Arts Centre with Canberra Dragon Dance. It was full of colour, variety and a great workout.

We started with a lion dance demonstration designed to ward off evil spirits, with percussion that brought everyone outside at Gorman Arts Centre to look!

We then used hoops as a way of practicing the moves without the headdress then everyone had a turn learning how to dance with the lion head on, which was a tremendous work out with the upper body.

We then moved outside into the sunny courtyard to learn a dragon dance with mini kite dragons we learnt to walk and twirl like gymnastics ribbon twirling. Rex the instructor also demonstrated the martial arts tiger form. It was very entertaining and all ages participated.

Songlines & Dance Cycles Workshop of Murrin Murrin (7 sisters) from QLD - Women's Workshop

Photo Credit: Natsuko Yonezawa

In February we presented the first workshop in our new series collaborating with Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres - 'Songlines & Dance Cycles of Murrin Murrin (7 sisters) from QLD - Women's Workshop'.


Guided by the amazing Gemma Cronin, assisted by Karen Roberts, we entered into a sacred place where ancient knowledge was shared. We listened and learnt and we danced in a circle. Children, teenagers, young and mature women and every movement carried a special message.


The workshop was powerful, meaningful and emotional. We came together to celebrate, understand and remember that everything is connected.


We all left refreshed and happy and thank Gemma and Karen for sharing and the workshop participants for joining us.

Photo Credit: Emma Dykes

We had a fantastic time in March at our Acrobatics Workshop with Jake Silvestro at Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centre.


The workshop focused on how to approach the floor, continuing momentum and supported tumbling and inspired new movement pathways through play in a guided setting. Participants also gained insight into Jake's creative process.


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